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MIR Valve

MIR VALVE is pioneer in design of Top-Entry, Side-Entry and Fully Welded Trunnion Ball Valves

MIR VALVE is a top-tier manufacturer from Malaysia offering the complete range of Ball and Gate valves serving the international oil & gas, petrochemical, refining and power industries. They are pioneers in large size Trunnion Ball Valve design.

MIR Valve Company Catalog
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API 6D/6DSS Ball Valves

Trunnion Ball Valves used for onshore/offshore and subsea applications come in three major designs:

  • MV1 Top Entry Ball Valve-Forged or cast body design
  • MV3 Side Entry Ball Valve-3 piece bolted body construction
  • MV5 Fully Welded Ball Valve-3 piece welded body construction
Top Entry Ball Valve2"-60"ASME 150-2500
Side Entry Ball Valves1"-60"ASME 150-2500
Compact Ball Valve2"-12"ASME 150-2500
Fully-Welded Ball Valve2"-60"ASME 150-2500
DBB Valve1"-36"ASME 150-2500
  • Designed according to API 6D for standard applications
  • Designed according to API 6DSS for subsea applications
MIR Valve API 6D Ball Valve Catalog
Through-Conduit Gate Valve, Fabricated Body
Through-Conduit Gate Valve, Cast Body
Side-Entry Twin Ball Valve
Gate Valve Forged Body

API 6D/6DSS Gate Valves

Through-Conduit Gate Valve, Fabricated Body6"-60"ASME 150-1500
Through-Conduit Gate Valve, Forged Body2"-24"ASME 150-2500
Through-Conduit Gate Valve, Cast Body2"-60"ASME 150-2500
MIR Valve API 6D Gate Valve Catalog

API 6A/17D Ball and Gate Valves

Top Entry Ball Valve2"-9"API 2000-15000
Side Entry Ball Valve2"-9"API 2000-15000
Side Entry Twin Ball Valve2"-9"API 2000-15000
Gate Valve Forged Body2"-9"API 2000-15000
  • Designed according to API 6A for standard applications
  • Designed according to API 17D for subsea applications

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