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FMC Technologies

We offer FMC Flowline Products and Compact Valves, manufactured at Houston Texas.

FMC Technologies, Inc. is an American global provider of equipment and services for the energy industry. FMC is pioneer in design of Compact Ball Valves & Check Valves widely used in offshore high pressure needs where space and weight are critical.

Other Valves and Industrial Products

FMC Compact Valves

FMC Technologies' compact valves deliver topside manifold success where space and weight are critical for offshore high pressure needs

  • Compact Ball Valves- Double Ball Valves, Floating Ball Valves, New generation Trunnion Soft seated Ball Valves
  • Compact Check Valves
Double Ball Valves1"-12"ASME 1500, ASME 2500, API 10000
Trunnion Soft Seated Ball Valves4"-12"ASME 1500, ASME 2500, API 10000
Compact Check Valves1"-12"ASME 1500, ASME 2500, API 10000
  • Designed according to API 6A
  • Compliant to NACE MR0175-2003
  • Fire tested according to API 6FA, API-607 and BS 6755 part 2
FMC Compact Valves Catalog

FMC Flowline Products

FMC Flowline products are ideal for pressure pumping and oilfield industry which include:

  • Weco Valves
  • Swivel Joints
  • Weco Unions
TypeApplicationSizePressure Range
Weco Plug ValvesSour gas services1"-4"Upto 20,000 psi
Weco Check ValvesIsolation of well-servicing equipments1.5"-4"Upto 20,000 psi
Weco Pressure Relief ValvesOver-pressure protection2"-3"Upto 20,000 psi
Weco Butterfly Valves - 2"-24"Upto 176 psi
Chiksan Swivel JointsSour gas services3/8"-12"Upto 20,000 psi
Weco Wing UnionsSour gas services1"-12"Upto 20,000 psi

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