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Europa Valve

The Europa VCV is designed for severe service applications where fast reverse flow exists and conventional check valves are unsuitable for the existing flow conditions.

Europa Valve from UK is established manufacturer working in the fields of oil and gas, desalination, water and other process industries. They specialise in the design and production of non-slam nozzle check valves engineered to meet customers’ requirements.

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Venturi Check Valve

TypeSizeClassBody MaterialEnd-End Connection
Non Slam Check Valve2"-60"ASME 150-2500ASTM A 395a, ASTM A 352, ASTM A 216, ASTM A351, ASTM A217, UNS S 31803Flanged, Hub Ended, Weld Ended

Venturi Check Valve 150 Series
Venturi Check Valve 300 Series
Venturi Check Valve 600 Series
Venturi Check Valve 900 Series
Venturi Check Valve 1500 Series
Venturi Check Valve 2500 Series

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